How to earn money from Paytm, Know 10 ways to earn money from Paytm

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How to earn money from Paytm – Friends, in this post, you will know how to earn money online from Paytm App. If you want to earn money online while sitting at home, then you can start earning money online by creating an account on Paytm UPI ID and Paytm Wallet. Paytm app is the technology of India’s fast payments system.

Do you know Phone Pe is one of the Paytm companies from Google Pay that you can earn money by using this Paytm UPI and Paytm Wallet app, you get money and cashback points for making payments through Paytm, and you can use it for mobile recharge, bill payments, Paytm cash can be transferred to bank account.

What is Paytm app

Paytm App works for making online payments, on this you can use banking facilities for free. Paytm is the third largest UPI payments app in India and is a reliable app that you can earn money by paying with Paytm App. Can

Paytm Cash and Cashback, Promo code, Coupon are given on every payment from Paytm and adding Paytm Wallet balance. If you pay more than Paytm, then you also get separate points and if you want to earn money by working on Paytm, then read the full article. From this, you will know how to become Paytm BC agent and how to earn money from Paytm.

How to earn money from Paytm

By creating an account on Paytm UPI, you can earn money online by sending that Referal Code of the Paytm app. If you install the Paytm app with that Referal Code, then Rs 100 is transferred to your Paytm account. In this way you transfer money from the Paytm app, You can earn money by doing mobile recharge, and bill payments, as well as you can earn cashback in every transaction by making payments from the Paytm app.

What to do to earn money from the Paytm app If you run an online shop, then by transferring money from one account to another bank account from Paytm app, points, and cashback money is transferred to your bank account immediately.

1 Earn money by creating an account on Paytm

To earn money from the Paytm app, you should have a bank account, ATM card, mobile number link on bank, now you will easily get Referal Code after registering on Paytm UPI, you can earn money by referring that code, you are thinking that Paytm How to create Refer Code or where is Paytm Refer Code.

  • First of all update Paytm UPI app from Play Store app.
  • Now open the Paytm app.
  • Now scroll down and click on Refer & Earn.
  • Now click on Share your referral code edit and create Refer Code.
  • Enter your name on Refer Code and save it by writing 100. (Example: harsh100)
  • Now you send Mobile Number or WhatsApp to your friends Refer Code.
  • Get Cashback post your referred friend’s 1st UPI payment and earn money by Refer & Earn. This offer is only for 7 days. Earn ₹100 by sending Rs.1 to your friend on Paytm QR.

2 Earn Money by Paytm Wallet Add Balance

Know about Paytm Cashback but have you received Cashback, if not received, then you can earn money by adding Paytm Wallet Balance, when you pay Bill Payments, Mobile Recharge, Money Transfer from Paytm Wallet, you will get Cashback and 2% commission. Get.

  • Now login to Paytm app, then click on Paytm Wallet.
  • Now to add ₹ 500 or ₹ 1000, click on Proceed to add ₹ 1000.
  • Now you can use Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Play, UPI and Debit Card & Credit Card, Net Banking to add ₹ 1000.
  • Now make payments with your UPI PIN or Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking.
  • Now you will get Scratch Card, Gift Card, scratch that and get Cashback.

3 Earn Money Through Cashback

Money is earned by transacting with Paytm UPI You are given more cashback on Paytm If you shop from Paytm Mall then you are given cashback Of course it is given.

How to earn more cashback from Paytm If you do any shop or online payments, then you can earn good money from Paytm, you can earn cashback from mobile recharge and you can earn money by money transfer, you can earn money from its merchant petrol pump, bill payments, grocery store, You can earn cashback by making payments on Pharmacy, Taxi QR Code.

4 Earn money from Paytm Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing, you must have seen different types of ads on the Internet, only the product is shown on it and Affiliate Link is made on that product, just like Amazon and Flipkart, Paytm has started Affiliate Program.

How to earn money by doing Paytm Affiliate Marketing, you create an account on it, which is free, now create Affiliate Link and share the link on your social media account. You have to choose a product whose market demand is high. Buy a product from that Affiliate Link. If he does, he gets commission on the sale of that product.

5 Earn money by selling your shop’s products

If you are a wholesale seller or have a shop that you want to make an online store, then this is a good opportunity for you to earn more than 1 lakh per month by becoming a Paytm Seller. You can start earning money by uploading your product to Paytm Mall.

Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho are online shopping platforms. The product sold by these companies is not their own product. The big shops you see in the city are Seller Partner, who sell their products online. Does

6 Earn money by selling Paytm products

Today everyone wants to earn money through Google online but they do not know the way, money from Paytm is a good opportunity, you can earn money by becoming Paytm Reseller, if you really want to earn money, then you can earn more than 50,000 per month by joining Paytm Mall. Can earn money.

You can sell products by becoming an online network with people, you can start earning money by selling products of Paytm Mall by creating an account on Instagram, Facebook social media, for this you have to learn Affiliate Marketing.

You can earn good money even by becoming a Paytm Reseller. When the product stock increases, the product is sold by the Reseller. What happens when the product of your shop is not sold, it helps to sell that product online.

7 Earn money from Promo Code

Cashback is available on money transfer, mobile recharge, bill payments, Promo Code is automatically applied on many amounts, but sometimes adding Promo Code gives 2 to 3% discount.

How to earn money from Paytm
How to earn money from Paytm

According to the Festival & Event by the Paytm company, it keeps launching its Promo Code on many products, if you shop using that Promo Code, then you get Coupan Code, if you use that code, then a discount is given on the product.

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8 Earn money by adding Paytm Wallet

By the way, you know that you get cashback on mobile recharge, bill payments, money transfer from Paytm UPI, apart from this you can also earn money by adding balance on Paytm Wallet. As soon as you add balance on Paytm Wallet, you also get 2% commission and cashback.

When you make payments from Paytm Balance Wallet, then cashback is given on every transaction, from this wallet you can do mobile recharge, bill payments, money transfer, but you should have KYC on Paytm Wallet, only then you can earn money from Paytm Wallet.

9 Earn Paytm Cash from Video Watch

You definitely watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, watch on that video, YouTube gets money, do you also want to earn money like this, to increase the brand of growing Android Apps today, by putting video ads on many platforms, that Apps video shows.

VidCash, Pocket Charge, Roz Cash, mChamp, Roz Dhan, One Ad app can start earning money by installing these apps from play store and watching videos, you can send that money to Paytm Wallet, apart from this you can also earn Reedem Code, Coins Can do

10 Earn money from Paytm by playing online game

You can earn money by playing games on Paytm, if you like playing games, then you can earn money by playing games by creating an account on Paytm First and can withdraw the winning money immediately on Paytm Wallet.

You can earn more than 50,000 money a month by playing many types of games on Paytm app Rummy Circle, Gamezy Rummy, You can start earning money by playing games on Paytm First If you are interested in sports then you can win 3 crore Mega Prize by forming Fantasy Cricket team Are.

You can earn 5,000 to 10,000 more by referring Paytm First app, Paytm First gets 25 rupees for 1 share, apart from this, you also get bonus, points and can withdraw the money earned from that refer.

We have embedded the video of how to earn money from Paytm.

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Question from Paytm)

How to get money from Paytm?

You get cashback on transaction from Paytm, but do you know how the Paytm app gets money, the transaction you do at a shop, petrol pump, pharmacy, the company has its own merchant QR code.

How to earn more money from Paytm?

You use Paytm application and get cashback on transaction, apart from this you can earn more money by referring Paytm app, you can earn 100 ₹ from a Referal Code of Paytm.

How to transfer money to Paytm Wallet or number?

You can easily transfer money from Paytm UPI, but let’s know how Paytm Wallet or Number sends money. You can accept money from Paytm in 3 ways…


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Last word

Friends, on this post we have told you how to earn money from Paytm, you must have known that you can earn money by playing Paytm Cashback, Paytm Wallet, Affiliate Marketing, Paytm First Games, how to earn money from Paytm Refer Code, how did we like this post? Must do and tell.

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