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‘Media rating of PSL is more than IPL…’ PCB Chief Najam Sethi gave a big statement

IPL vs PSL: The Indian Premier League is considered to be the richest and biggest league in the world. But sometimes it is compared to some other league as well. At the same time, Pakistan’s domestic league Pakistan Super League is also compared. Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board President Najam Sethi has made a big claim regarding IPL (IPL 2023) and PSL (PSL 2023), he says that PSL is more important than IPL. PSL) has a media rating of . Stay connected with mpanda.In for all the latest cricket news.

Let us tell you that while comparing the digital ratings of PSL with IPS, Najam Sethi has said that the digital ratings of the Indian Premier League was around 130 million, while the Pakistani Super League has a rating of 150 million. At the same time, he has also told about this a big success of Pakistan. Let us tell you that the final match of PSL 2023 was played on Saturday, March 18, while IPL 2023 is starting from March 31.

Najam Sethi said in his press conference that “Believe me, when the PSL season was halfway through, I had asked what is our digital rating? Then he had said that when Najam Sethi ji show happens, Geo TV used to get point five or point six ratings and now it is getting more than 11 ratings. Now you think for yourself that till where the TV ratings have reached and by the time that season is complete, I think there will be 18-20 ratings”.

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He further said that “there is the digital rating of PSL and what I have got the information. That is more than 150 million and it is not just such a thing. IPL is also on this station and its digital rating is only 130 million and ours is more than 150. This shows that this is a huge success of Pakistani”.

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