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Priyanka Chopra celebrates “South Asian Excellence” in white at pre-Oscars event with Nick Jonas.

Prior to the Oscars, Priyanka Chopra uploaded several photographs of her attire for the South Asian Excellence event. She hosted the dinner in a white outfit with her husband Nick Jonas and her actor friend Mindy Kaling.

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ET spoke with Priyanka about the representation of South Asians in films at the event “I am so grateful that we were able to not only return, but to do it in such an incredible scale and with Paramount Pictures as our host. I mean, this is legendary. And to be able to look around and see my friends and coworkers who have worked and pounded the pavement for years, and to be able to give them a moment that is uniquely theirs, well, it makes me want to cry.”

She spoke highly of Mindy, she stated “I mean — the most of the time, we discuss the negative, such as when something negative occurs and we call each other. And I’ve observed that, although we meet at Holi parties or Diwali parties — celebrations and social gatherings — we truly call each other when something bad happens. And we’re like, ‘This doesn’t make me feel good. And she aids my survival. She responds, “I’m not feeling great about it.” It’s wonderful to know that women have one other’s backs. Especially with someone who hails from the same region as I do. Even though we have vastly diverse cultural experiences, it’s fantastic that we do.”

Priyanka Chopra celebrates "South Asian Excellence"
Priyanka Chopra celebrates “South Asian Excellence”

According to her, their daughter Malti was sleeping at home. “She is sleeping. Thankfully, “Priyanka said. “Can you imagine? No, it is a night out for dad and mom.”

Priyanka and Nick were recently photographed visiting the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week. Nick was dressed in a brown suit while she wore a bright pink dress.

This year, the Telugu film RRR is nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Song. Moreover, All That Breathes and Elephant Whisperers are nominated for Best Documentary and Best Documentary Short. Deepika Padukone has been selected as one of the ceremony’s presenters.



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