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Ranbir Kapoor brands Alia Bhatt’s stolen photos “ugly” and says “we are dealing with it with correct legal measures.”

Alia Bhatt’s husband, Ranbir Kapoor, has responded to the recent photo leak of his wife. While the actor was in her residence, a paparazzo took photographs of her from another building. Alia had responded forcefully to the invasion of privacy, and now Ranbir has followed suit.

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Alia had released a collection of unauthorized photographs of herself taken at her home. She penned in the lengthy note: “Are you kidding me? I was having a completely ordinary afternoon at home, sitting in my living room, when I sensed someone or something observing me…. I looked up and noticed two men pointing a camera directly at me from the terrace of the neighboring building. In what universe is this acceptable?”

In a recent interview, Ranbir described the entire incident as “ugly” and stated that legal action was being taken. “That was an intrusion into privacy. My home is off-limits to shooting, but anything is permitted to occur within. It was completely unwarranted. We are examining the appropriate legal means of dealing with it. It was a pretty ugly thing, but I do not wish to discuss it in detail “During an interview, Ranbir told Malini.

Ranbir Kapoor brands Alia Bhatt's stolen photos
Ranbir Kapoor brands Alia Bhatt’s stolen photos

“We hold the paparazzi in high regard. I believe the paparazzi are a component of our world. It is a symbiotic relationship in which “they work with us and we work with them.” But, this type of behavior drives you against the wall and makes you feel really humiliated of the perpetrator “Ranbir added.

Several actors expressed their support for Alia. Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, and Karan Johar criticized the paparazzi on Instagram.

Anushka Sharma said in support of Alia on her Instagram story “This is not their first time engaging in this behavior. Almost two years ago, we confronted them for the same reason! You would have thought that it would have made them more mindful of people’s personal space and privacy. Totally despicable! In addition, they were the only men who posted images of our daughter despite numerous requests.”

The filmmaker Karan Johar was enraged at the occurrence. He vented his rage on Instagram by writing, “There is no excuse for this utterly revolting breach of privacy!!!! Everyone in the entertainment industry is usually friendly to the media and paparazzi, but there MUST BE a limit… This is about the right of all individuals to feel safe in their own homes! This has nothing to do with actors or celebrities; it’s a fundamental human right!!”



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