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Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result

Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result

Satta Matka Result Today 2023: Hello friends, you are very welcome to our article. today we will talk satta kalyan matka result People who do not understand it deeply and go to play it have to face the biggest defeat, so today we will tell you what is Satta Matka, what is the history of Satta Matka, what is the result of Satta Matka. Ka, Satta Matka Kalyan Bazaar etc. Today we will give you complete information.

Well, you might know that this game is considered illegal in the eyes of the Government of India. Today betting is also called gambling. Like people gamble in cricket. In a similar way, these Matka games have the same calculation. Your money is spent here also. Sometimes you will get a good victory. But if seen, most of the people have to face defeat and return with disappointment. Stay with our article till the end, we will tell you Satta Matka Result Will provide complete information related to it.

What is Satta Matka and how to play Satta Matka?

Friends, if you know Speculate It is a game in which people earn and lose money through numbers. There is not much difference between Satta Matka Result and other Matka games. Lakhs of citizens of India come to play this game. If we explain to you in detail Satta journey Colors are added by writing on slips. If the number that has been chosen and entered by reading comes, then that person is declared the winner, but now due to online time, you can enjoy Satta Matka sitting at home.

Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result
Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result

Now you do not need to go to their office, you can invest your money by visiting their website through your smartphone or computer while sitting at home. Satta journey You can enjoy and play all the Matka games online.

If anyone is interested in Satta Matka Result If you want to play, then you can play these games by visiting their online websites. Friend, always keep one thing in mind only a few people who invest money in Satta Matka are able to win the money, otherwise, most of the people keep staring, whether it is online or offline.

Satka Matka is a game of mind as well as of luck.

Friends, this game is not only a game of luck but also of mind. It is said that 80 per cent of it is a game of mind and 20 per cent is a game of luck. The player should keep these two things in mind, luck is not in our hands. But by acquiring your knowledge you can become mentally strong. Speculate For

There are many citizens in our country India who invest their money in the pursuit of becoming millionaires quickly and go home disappointed. Them Speculate They don’t have the slightest knowledge and they invest money in someone’s dispute. You should invest your money only after thoroughly understanding the figures in numbers. Satta journey You should invest in it and it is not that you suffer loss due to Satta Matka, there are many people who have risen from the ground to the sky because of it.

Those who have earned a good amount of money from here by using their brain wisely, you do not have to depend on perfection to play Satta Matka, you have to use your brain equally and cleverly use your brain to score the numbers. You have to choose correctly.

With this, your peace of mind increases to the maximum, although it is illegal in India, but it is a good way for those who want to play and those who are playing so that their money does not sink in it. Speculate Get complete knowledge and experience about it and only after that you should enter into Satta Matka. You should not invest your hard-earned money in Satta Matka without thinking on someone’s advice or on someone’s offer. There is no fraud in Satta Matka but there is risk. There is a lot.

How to check Kalyan Matka result?

If anyone is interested kalyan matka result If you want to see, then we have prepared this list below, please study this list carefully –

MILAN MORNING569-00-578Panel Chart
SRIDEVI790-66-268Panel Chart
KALYAN MORNING359-78-350Panel Chart
TIME BAZAR240-68-558Panel Chart
TARA MUMBAI DAY690-57-700Panel Chart
TIME BAZAR DAY357-54-239Panel Chart
GUJRAT149-41-290Panel Chart
OLD MAIN MUMBAI358-60-145Panel Chart
CHENNAI MORNING157-30-190Panel Chart
MADHUR MORNING258-50-479Panel Chart
MADHUR NIGHT340-73-139Panel Chart
BALAJI488-03-166Panel Chart
RATAN KHATRI134-80-479Panel Chart
SUPREME NIGHT589-29-289Panel Chart
GUJRAT NIGHT130-46-169Panel Chart
RATAN DAY270-98-459Panel Chart
WORLI MUMBAI DAY568-99-289Panel Chart
MAIN MUMBAI RK240-62-246Panel Chart
KESARI MORNING780-50-235Panel Chart
SUPER MILAN NIGHT689-36-556Panel Chart
ROSE BAZAR DAY189-84-248Panel Chart
TRIMURTI DAY789-48-558Panel Chart
WORLI NIGHT137-12-390Panel Chart
GOLDEN NIGHT480-25-249Panel Chart
TRIMURTI NIGHT223-78-800Panel Chart
TIME BAZAR MORNING389-08-189Panel Chart
BABY NIGHT569-04-455Panel Chart
DIL SE149-45-177Panel Chart
MINAKSHI DAY269-77-458Panel Chart
MINAKSHI MORNING669-10-370Panel Chart
VINAYAK DAY359-77-223Panel Chart
RAJASTHAN NIGHT128-10-235Panel Chart
MAIN MUMBAI NIGHT136-04-167Panel Chart
DELHI DAY344-13-256Panel Chart
CENTRAL BOMBAY238-34-356Panel Chart
MUMBAI MAIL330-65-168Panel Chart
GOLDEN DAY370-02-390Panel Chart
BHAGYASHREE330-64-400Panel Chart
MUMBAI DAY288-88-125Panel Chart
SRIDEVI446-49-900Panel Chart
NEW MAMABHANJA NIGHT250-72-255Panel Chart
STAR KALYAN266-41-470Panel Chart
MAIN BAZAR NIGHT125-82-200Panel Chart
BALAJI NIGHT100-1Panel Chart
TIRUPATI MORNING790-67-449Panel Chart
BHAGYALAXMI569-07-467Panel Chart
GREAT MOTHER477-83-157Panel Chart
BABY DAY124-73-346Panel Chart
RAJASHREE DAY345-22-570Panel Chart
MAIN MUMBAI EXPRESS156-27-566Panel Chart
RUKMANI DAY580-37-377Panel Chart
PADMAVATI NIGHT678-11-470Panel Chart
MADHURI779-32-237Panel Chart
PADMAVATI229-30-145Panel Chart
CUBES MORNING600-66-330Panel Chart
MILAN DAY356-48-350Panel Chart
MAIN BAZAR DAY378-85-122Panel Chart
KALYAN CHALLENG467-71-399Panel Chart
TARA MUMBAI NIGHT899-60-226Panel Chart
MILAN NIGHT237-29-180Panel Chart
RAJDHANI NIGHT699-40-569Panel Chart
PUNA MARKET156-20-118Panel Chart
MUMBAI ROYAL NIGHT600-67-377Panel Chart
KALYAN NIGHT679-29-450Panel Chart
SHUBHANK380-19-234Panel Chart
CALCUTTA NIGHT600-66-123Panel Chart
ROYAL MEENAKSHI466-62-129Panel Chart
MUMBAI MORNING130-42-156Panel Chart
KALYAN149-48-567Panel Chart
SRIDEVI NIGHT147-22-660Panel Chart
MADHURI NIGHT120-38-440Panel Chart
NIGHTTIME BAZAR258-59-559Panel Chart
MAIN BAZAR135-96-150Panel Chart
MAMA BHANJA689-30-235Panel Chart
SRIDEVI NIGHT269-79-379Panel Chart
SUPREME DAY679-28-468Panel Chart
RATAN NIGHT226-09-379Panel Chart
RAJASTHAN DAY140-52-688Panel Chart
KALYAN BAZAR270-92-480Panel Chart
MUMBAI NIGHT120-32-110Panel Chart
BHAGYASHREE DAY460-09-360Panel Chart
KARNATAKA DAY579-13-247Panel Chart
TIME BAZAR NIGHT359-78-170Panel Chart
ROSE BAZAR NIGHT100-15-113Panel Chart
WORLI DAY178-68-990Panel Chart
NEW BOMBAY790-65-122Panel Chart
MILAN MARKET0000Panel Chart
MILAN MARKET NIGHT246-28-378Panel Chart
BOMBAY RAJSHREE NIGHT358-67-467Panel Chart
BOMBAY RAJSHREE DAY388-95-267Panel Chart
MAHALAXMI DAY128-1Panel Chart
Add MarketPanel Chart
MINAKSHI NIGHT139-37-449Panel Chart
MUMBAI ROYAL DAY150-67-179Panel Chart
MAIN MARKET MATKA147-26-222Panel Chart
MAIN BAZAR MORNING560-14-130Panel Chart
CHENNAI DAY334-00-550Panel Chart
CHENNAI NIGHT447-58-170Panel Chart
RAJLAXMI680-44-130Panel Chart
MADHUR DAY346-35-258Panel Chart
COUNTRY BAZAR220-47-160Panel Chart
WORLI MUMBAI789-47-124Panel Chart
NEW MAMABHANJA DAY390-22-228Panel Chart
JANTA MORNING340-75-267Panel Chart
KALYAN SUPER560-11-344Panel Chart

Who is Satta Matka KING?

Friends, you all know that Ratan Khatri is said to be the father of traditional matka. Whose earning was more than Rs 10000000 and they Matka King It was said that he was the uncrowned king of Matka. He had complete knowledge about Satta Matka, but he died in 2020.

Let us tell you that at that time, matka games like Satka Matka were going on with great flourish, at that time recruitments were made in Matki, and after that satka matka result Whoever was declared the winner was declared the winner.

As soon as the results were declared, the news pages in the entire country used to be on the news page. From this you can imagine how much Satta Matka was at its peak at one time and how popular it was. There would have been no citizen of India who did not play Satta Matka. yes Everyone used to come to play Satta Matka to try their luck, let us tell you that all the lines of Satta Matka were busy at 9:00, so even if you wanted to call someone, you could not do so. Speculate It has gained popularity equal to Bollywood.

Because everyone used to start telling each other the numbers. Let us tell you that someone was behind Ratan Khatri too that he became such a big player and although Kalyan Bhagat ji was a very simple and self-respecting person. I used to run my own grocery shop but from the mouth of some people coming to the shop they took it and speculative exchange heard about they felt Speculate There is a lot of scope in the betting market. Then Khatri ji and Kalyan ji started playing the game in partnership and soon they acquired complete knowledge of Satta Matka and were now earning crores of rupees daily.

Satta Matka Highlights – Satta Matka

Matkacontainer used in ancient times for casting slips
leaf/emeraldAny number between 00-99
PairAny number between 0-9
berriesresult of matka gambling
Open Result/Close Resultnumber of three numbers
1 point22 leaves
SinglePair’s total sum of last points
total number of leaves220 ( 10*22 = 220 )
Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result

How is Satta Matka played?

friends let me tell you satka matka Playing the game is not rocket science. Like other betting games, we can play Satta Matka. In this you can invest money through Ro Kariya agent. But taking money and investing it immediately seems too big. There are the highest chances of loss in this. Betting game can make profits but it can also cause huge losses.

Friends, if it is explained in simple language if someone tells you who will get double or triple, then it means that if you have given ₹ 100, then his own amount of ₹ 300 or ₹ 400, up to 100 times the amount is given to the winner declared in the result. This is the reason why the interested citizens of our country India get attracted towards it and go to play it. Those who tell them do not tell them that if you lose money in this, you keep losing.

Friends, let us tell you that this article is only for the purpose of giving you information and not to criticize any market or Matka game. We make you aware of the truth through our articles and try to give complete information.

satta matka batting time

Friends, everything is like this SpeculateThe opening and closing timings vary. Therefore, you need to know what is the timing of the Matka market in which you are betting. satka matka At what time does the result come after closing? And when did it open? You will play betting only by keeping these few things in mind. Therefore, after opening the numbers, a bet has to be placed. The conditions are as follows –

  • Play Pana TP (Triple digit)
  • Play Pana DP (Triple digit)
  • Play Jodi (Double-digit)
  • Play Pana SP (Triple digit)
  • Play Ank (Single Digit)

Friends, the money already invested in this is 9 times for a single pair, if we talk about any triple digit number then 9 times more profit is earned from Satta Matka.

Method to find satta number

Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result
Satta Matka Result | kalyan panel chart | udupi local matka result | hm bazar matka result

How to calculate Satta number, formula to calculate satta, method to calculate satta number, similar types of people search on their search engines. But no exact answer has been found till now. Everyone plays Satta Matka based on a guess.

first way

  • If you want to get Monday’s score, you have to work out the last number of Monday’s results and the first number of Monday’s results.
  • First of all you have to match the numbers 4,3,2,1,0 with this. Then you get its cut marks, similarly your estimated Satta Matka score will be calculated.
  • After that you have to match the first number of Monday and the last numbers of Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Then again you have to match these numbers with 4,3,2,1,0. In this way you will be able to get Satta Matka points.

second way

If you want to know about daily open to close fix then keep reading this article till the end.

  • Example: If today you have to find the number 6 of Friday 4/12/15, then the open numbers of 3 days before it are 1,2,4.

Understand Satta Matka Results like this

Friends, suppose the number is 680-40-190, then this number represents three parts which are as follows-

  • 190 – This means the number cards are ace, nahla and dahla.
  • 40 – This is a set which is made from the combination of both the numbers. Like 6+8+0 = 14, then the second digit is taken as 4 and then 1+9+0 = 10, from this also the second digit is taken as 0.
  • 680 – This means the number cards are six, atta and dahala.

Through what medium is Satta Matka played?

 You will get two ways to play this game which are as follows –

  • Through online: Friends, if you see, everyone has turned towards online Satta Matka game. Due to being a digital world, most of people want to enjoy Satta Matka while sitting at their home. Keeping this in view, these games were started online. With its help you will not need to visit any office. Now all the games have been made online. Just by going to its website, you will have to invest money and play.
  • Through offline: As we told you all matka games have become online but there are some matka games that are still played offline. Let us tell you that betting started in Mumbai city and both its centers are in Mumbai whether it is offline or online. In this game, games are selected from 1 to 99. Your broker or agent gives you a ticket with your number and if your number appears in the winning list on the night it is declared the winner, you get 9 times the amount.

Benefits of betting games

  • You can become rich very quickly when your number appears in the winning list.
  • Your image is created as a speculator at the social level.
  • You can also make payment through Satta Matka agents with complete honesty.
  • You will get a good experience in solving mathematical problems by playing Satta Matka.

Disadvantages of betting games

  • It has many more disadvantages than its advantages. This game is illegal in India.
  • if yousatka matka If you play and lose repeatedly if you don’t want to, you can go into mental depression.
  • You get so lost in the greed for victory and money that you can develop a severe addiction to it.
  • If you play again for more profit after winning, you may suffer a huge loss.
  • If seen from the point of view of the Government of India, this game is illegal and punishment has also been declared for the person playing it.

Website used to play Satta Matka

This is India’s top famous Matka – Famous Matka

Time Bazar Matka, Main Bazar Day Matka, Milan Matka, Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day and Night Matka, New Delhi Matka, Main Ratan, Rajshree Matka, Sridevi Matka, Madhuri Matka, friends we have given you these names, this is the top famous matka. . Now we will explain to you in detail about these pots below.

Worli Mumbai Matka

Friends, among all the top Matkas, Worli Mumbai Matka is of 1 minute duration. The highest number of people who come to the Matka market to try their luck, is in 14th May Matka. So this is also like other Matkas but in this the chances of winning are highest. If you don’t know, then let us tell you that Ratan Khetri Kalyan Bhagat started his Matka playing with this pot. And in this Matki, Worli Mumbai Matka penal, Penal chart Record, Panna Patti Patta Record Bazar result etc. are also available.

Milan Matka

Friends, this Milan Matka is also very popular in Matka games. Because this betting market is very big. Friends, let us tell you that many pots come under this pot also. Whose names are Milan matka close, Milan Matka Golden Matka, Milan Morning, Milan day, Milan night, Main Milan day etc.

Rajdhani Day and Night Matka

Friends, we had also issued an ID card for Rajdhani Day and Night Matka, you can get complete information about it from there also. Still, let us tell you that Rajdhani Day & Night Matka is the most trusted and popular in the Matka market. This Matka game is also played mostly by the youth of India. This Matka game is conducted in night form.

Its result is also declared on the website itself. Copy results open on this website. This website also gives information about Rajdhani Night, Rajdhani day, Rajdhani night panel chart, Rajdhani day panel chart, Rajdhani Day and Night Matka.

New Delhi Mother

This Matka operated in New Delhi is quite popular. Which youth of India is most interested in playing is conducted in New Delhi. The method of playing is similar to that of other games.

Main Ratan Matka

Friends, let us tell you that its name has been kept as Main Ratan Matka. Because this was the main Matka market of Ratan Khatri. He started from here. Main Ratan Main Ratan Chart, Main Ratan Mumbai Chart, Main Ratan Bombay Tips are available on websites like DP BOSS. |The number of players playing is enough.

Rajshree Matka

Let us tell you that Rajyashri Matka is also operated from Mumbai, this game is also considered at the trust level. Most of the people are interested in playing Rajdhani and Rajshree Matka. Bombay Rajshree Day, Bombay Rajshree Night results are given daily in Rajshree Matka.

Sridevi Matka

If you do not know, then let us tell you that this Matki was started in the name of the great Bollywood actress Sridevi. And this Matka shows the result twice a day, first at 11:35 in the afternoon and second at 12:35. You can see the result at both these times. Most of the people search keywords like Sridevi Satta Chart, Sridevi Satta king, Sridevi Satta Result to know about it.

Madhuri Matka

This Matka has also made a very good hold in the Matka market and in a short time, it has established itself as the best place. If we talk about its opening, it starts from 11:45 and its closing is till 12:45. You can get information like Madhuri Matka Result, Madhuri Matka open close etc. on the internet.

Time Bazar Matka

Let us tell you that Time Bazaar Matka is also considered one of the best Matka in DP Boss. Its popularity is also skyrocketing very quickly. Its opening time is from 2:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Kalyan Matka

This matka game is a guru of matka market. And Matka is the most popular and trusted among the games. Not only offline but also online, it is considered to have the highest number of players on the internet. Every day lakhs of youth of India come to play it. Even though its rules are similar to other games, it has maintained its popularity differently from others. Search keywords like Sata Mata Kalyan Result, DP Boss Kalyan Result, Kalyan Result Today, Kalyan Result Close.

History of Kalyan Matka

Talking about the history of Kalyan Matka, it was started by Kalyan ji Bhagat. Kalyan ji Bhagat came to Mumbai and lived in Gujarat. Initially he started speculating in the closing and opening prices of cotton in New York Cotton Exchange and Bombay Cotton Exchange. At what rate will the cotton open and at what rate will it close? He used to speculate on this basis. This method was flourishing during that period. Then after that friends, New York Cotton Exchange was closed.

Let us tell you that Kalyan ji was an ordinary farmer from Gujarat. And Ratan Khatri was running a grocery shop. Both of them entered this market by forming a partnership and started being called Satta Kings. Let us tell you that after betting on cotton was stopped in 1962, a new form of betting, Satta Matka, was introduced. After 2 years, Ratan Khatri introduced New Worli Matka with some changes. After this, Kalyan Bhagat ji and Ratan Khatri came into partnership. And with this partnership he started reaching great heights. He earned a lot of money from this true market.

Gharani, who works in Mumbai, also started winning money by investing her own money. Gallup started from Central Mumbai and spread across India and gained immense popularity. Every citizen of India wanted to invest money in it and was investing. The laborers were also getting very attracted towards the pot. Everyone was haunted by the dream of becoming a millionaire. Every citizen wanted to multiply the money invested. Then gradually Mumbai became a hub of betting.

kalyan market pair chart

Let us tell you that friends, this market opens at 1:00 pm and closes at 3:00 pm. Because its result is declared at 3:00 pm. Its opening result comes at 1:00 pm. If you want to get information about its website, then you can know more about this game by visiting DP website.

New Kalyan Night Market

Rajasthan Night Market opens at 9:00 pm and closes at 11:00 pm. After its final result comes, its new kalyan night panel and new kalyan night jodi chart gets updated.

Star Kalyan

Star Kalyan is also similar, it opens at 1:00 and closes at 2:00. After that, you get the star matka kalyan open, star matka kalyan ki open result at 1 o’clock.

Timing of Satta Matka Games

1.MILAN MORNING10:15 AM- 11:15 AM
2.SRIDEVI11:35 AM 12:35 PM
3.MADHURI11:45 AM-12:45 PM
4.PADMAVATI11:30 AM-12:30 PM
5.TIME BAZAR01:00 PM-03:15 PM
6.TARA MUMBAI DAY01:30 PM-03:00 PM
7.TIME BAZAR DAY02:30 PM-04:30 PM
8.MILAN DAY02:15 PM-04:15 PM
9.MAIN BAZAR DAY03:35 PM-05:35 PM
10.KALYAN04:50 PM-06:50 PM
11.SRIDEVI NIGHT07:15 PM-08:15 PM
12.MADHURI NIGHT07:00 PM-08:00 PM
13.NIGHT TIME BAZAR08:10 PM-10:10 PM
15.MILAN NIGHT09:00 PM-11:00 PM
16.RAJDHANI NIGHT09:30 PM-11:45 PM
17.MUMBAI ROYAL DAY09:40 PM-12:05 AM
19.NEW RAJDHANI DAY02:10 PM 04:30 PM

Satta Matka Result – Satta Matka Result

Friends, its results are of all types, sometimes the player wins and sometimes he loses very badly. A person who plays sometimes goes into depression and sometimes does not create happiness.satka matka It makes a person poor even faster than it makes him rich. Due to its addiction, it was declared illegal by the Government of India, which was a right decision.

The winner here is the one who either has good luck or the one who has good knowledge. Luck can cheat you once but not knowledge and if you are going to play Satta Matka then you will have to carry both the things in equal quantity.

Old people say that brain works for 80% and luck for 20% and to study this you need very experienced people.Speculate Who have spent their time in sports and who live by playing the game every day. You will get the exact information from them because betting game is not for everyone. As the examples in front of you are – Kalyan Bhagat and Ratan Khatri ji, before joining these games, they got complete information about the game and then after that they saw how Satta Matka works by investing small amounts.

You too will have to be informed about this first, investing money without thinking is considered very foolish. And you have to play Satta Matka in a limited line also because once the fork happens, people think that I will make profit again but it does not happen every time. After playing once, you have to face the valley in the hope of profit again.


Friends, thank you very much for being a difference in our article. We hope that with the help of this article you Speculate You must have got accurate information about it and if you have any doubt then you can ask in the comment box.

And one more thing, let us tell you for your information that this game is illegal in the eyes of the Government of India, our website does not support it at all. Anyone who does not have knowledge of the game should not go directly and play Satta Matka. To get similar information please keep visiting our site.

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