Viral video of Anjali in headlines, this video of Anjali is being played again and again

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Viral video of Kachha Badam girl Anjali in headlines, this video of Anjali is being played again and again, Anjali Arora, who became famous overnight on the song Kachha Badam, is in a lot of discussion these days. She is in limelight for none other than an MMS video.

New video again in limelight

Although that video is not of Anjali Arora. But after the video went viral on social media, it has become very much discussed. Anjali Arora has faced a lot of slander after the MMS went viral. Recently, a video of Anjali Arora is going viral on social media. In which Anjali has reached Haji Ali Dargah and is offering a chadar.

Users reacted a lot to the video

In the video, the actress is seen in black top. One of the users has written in his video that after seeing this he is remembering the scene of that video. Another wrote – Why are you putting it on your head. Which heroine is this? One tauntingly wrote – MMS went viral, still in public.

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Anjali gave this reaction on Viral MMS

Please tell that Anjali Arora remains very active on social media. She keeps sharing photos and videos on her Instagram account every day. Many times he also has to be a victim of trolls. At the same time, only after this Anjali Arora broke her silence and replied to the people, she said that this MMS was not mine, she was very sad to see it. She was crying that all this had a very bad effect on her family as well.

Anjali Arora became tension free from defamation

Meanwhile, Anjali Arora has once again said about this that now it doesn’t matter to her and those who are unable to match her are conspiring to defame her. There is no equality, so they start slandering, people do whatever they want, it doesn’t matter to them.

There were crores of views on the video

Recently, a video called Saiyaan by Anjali Arora also went viral, about which she was very happy. His released song Saiyan has also got one crore views. She was looking very beautiful in this.

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