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What is MS Excel, How to Learn to Run

What is MS Excel – Friends, in this post you will know what is MS Excel and how you can learn to run Excel. MS Excel is a part of Microsoft Office which is known as Microsoft Excel and it has been prepared by Microsoft company. Microsoft Excel is a program in which mathematical problems related to calculations are solved.

If you are learning to run a computer, then you must have heard what MS Excel is and must know about it, but many people do not know about it, with MS Excel you can open, create, edit, format and calculate data in tabulation format. Apart from this you are used to preparing Accountant, Salary Chart, Billing, Student Result

Calculation work is done easily by applying Formulas in it. Excel is a program that allows data to be kept in Tabulation Format, just as in olden times data was arranged manually on the register by making Rows and Columns with the help of a pencil, in the same way Excel In order to organize the data, Row and Column are also made.

What is MS Excel

MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite, which is a software program created by the Microsoft company, which is used to store data and Open, Create, Edit, Format and Calculate in Tabulation Format, it is used for data management. It is done on a very large scale. Many versions of MS Excel have been launched by Microsoft; most popular 2007, 2010 and 2016 are used more.

Why MS Excel is used

Data Entry – Data entry can be done on the Row and Columns which are made on MS Excel, those who are the owners of small and big stores, can keep a list of their products, model numbers, and job employees.
Data Filtering – This means that you can check immediately after entering a product, name, or model number with the help of a filter on the paragraph.
Data Sorting – With the help of this option on MS Excel, we can easily shortcut like we search something on Google and Books, in the same way we can search the name, number, and list of data made on MS Excel.
Data chart and graph ready – Data on Excel is used to prepare chart and graph. You must have seen that there is Mathematical Formula in the present sheet, if any of its data is on our excel sheet, then we can show it to the people with the help of graph and charts.
Budget preparation – If you run a small or big business, office, company, then you can prepare the cost budget for the month or year, you can easily prepare the budget by creating a table from Row, Column.
Accounting – If you work in the company, office and work on the post of Accountant, then you can prepare the salary chart of the employee doing the company, office job, calculate their monthly commission, bonus money on Excel, but One should know how to use Mathematical Formula for this.
Check List – From MS Excel, the details of the employee studying in school, college or working in the company can be stored by adding the name, mobile, address, email, ID number and can check the details of the student or employee. Is.
Mailing List – Contact list of email ID and report can be prepared.
Stock Maintain – If you have a store business, then you can manage the product.
To keep the data in Tabulation Format – Excel is used to create Tabulation Format by entering the data and you can easily keep the data on Table Format.
Mathematical and Logical Calculation – Computer science is a computer, in this we can solve the mathematical question by calculation, we can solve it by applying the Mathematical Formula of Format inside the table made on the computer.
Conditional Formatting – Using Conditional Formatting in Excel is done to change the Formatting of Cells in different ranges based on the condition, this condition can be a rule based on that number, value or text and can change the Formatting of any Cells or Can be used to calculate.

What is ms excel
what is ms excel

Use of Function Tool of MS Excel

To learn how to run MS Excel, you have to learn how to use Excel’s Function Tool, if you want to create Table, Charts, Accounting, or Billing, then you have to know Excel’s Function Tool, we have told it with the help of point and image chart.

  • Insert – You can add Tables, Pictures, Clip Art, Column, Line, Chart, Hyperlinks, Logo in this of MS Excel.
  • Page Layout – In this you can change the theme of the Excelsheet, you can select the area to print Margins, Size.
  • Formulas – Excel is an essential tool, in which AutoSum, Financial, Logical, Text, Lookup, Math & Trig, More Function, Window Watch, Calculation Options, and Calculation Now Sheet are given.
  • Data – In this From Access, From Web, From Other Source, Shorting, Text Column, Data preview and short edit can be done.
  • Review – In this, you are given the option of Spelling Check, Research, Track Change, Translate of Excel.
  • View – In this toolbar, Normal, Page Layout, Page Break Preview, Formula Bar, Headings, Freeze Panes, the option to view the worksheet that you create in the Excel sheet is given.

Uses of Home Tool in MS Excel

Before doing Table Content, Chart, Bill, Accounting, Data Entry on MS Excel, it is very important to understand the Function Key and Menu Bar option of Excel. Now we will tell you about Excel’s Function Key and Menu Bar.

Font – On this option, in MS Excel, the option to make the text smaller and bigger, and to highlight the text, to create a border is available, besides coloring the text, there is an option to underline the bottom.
Alignment – When you create a table on MS Excel and after writing text inside it, the alignment i.e. the work of bringing the text which is on the right or left of the table to the center, apart from this, after selecting the table to create the heading The work of removing the lines between Merge & Center is done on this option.
Clipboard – You use this option to copy, cut text, for this you can use it to copy, cut after double-clicking on that text.
Number – The option to do text or documents Date, Number, Percentage, Accounting on this option remains in it.
AutoSum – With this option, the bill that you maintain on the table is used for AutoSum for Total Accounting.

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MS Excel Bill Create Table

To create a bill on Microsoft Excel, first of all, open MS Excel, after that you have to write the name of the company, office on the top, after selecting that column, click on the Merge & Center option, now the same company Address After typing, write Bill Invoice below, you can easily learn how to make bills on Excel with the steps mentioned below.

Step #1. First of all, select the column on the basis of Billing, after typing the company name, click on Merge & Center, after that, after double clicking on that text, to increase the text size, 11 is written, make it 18, this will make your company Name is small, it will grow up.

What is ms excel

Step #2. After this, after writing the Company Address at the bottom, after writing the Bill Invoice at the bottom, click on Merge & Center, now select Table, after that click on All Borders on the table option.

What is ms excel

Step #3. After this, in the table below, Bill No, Name of Item, Rate, Quantity, Amount will be visible on the image, you can write like this, if you want, you can write a table on the basis of your bill. Now select the text to make the text bold. Do and click on B.

What is ms excel
What is ms excel

Step #4. Now after writing the Bill Number, Name of Item, Rate, Quantity list, Amount will have to be accounting, now Mathematical Formula will have to be applied, for this, after writing the formula =C5*D5 for accounting under Amount, it will count as soon as you press the Enter button. .

What is ms excel
What is ms excel

If you want to count the table of Amount section in one go, then after selecting the first calculation page and bringing it down to the bottom, your bill will be counted completely.

Step #5. But now GST bill is asked everywhere, so MS Excel GST Bill has to be created, now the table below has to be increased, for this select the table on the basis of the bill below and click on All Borders in the font option table.

What is ms excel

Step #6. After this, write Total, GST 15%, Grand Total in the table below and after selecting all these text, click on B i.e. Bold.

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Step #7. Now to do total accounting, your total amount will be counted as soon as you click on the AutoSum option.

What is ms excel

Step #8. Now after typing the formula =E15*15/100 to calculate GST 15%, 15% GST will be deducted as soon as you press the Enter button.

Step #9. Now after typing the formula =E15-E16 to do Grand Total accounting, the Grand Total amount will be counted as soon as you press Enter.

What is ms excel

We have embedded the video to learn how to make MS Excel Bill


What does the vision of Microsoft Excel mean?

You have come to know the Microsoft Excel software, but do you know about the version of Microsoft Excel, then let us know that Microsoft Excel 2003 was first used on Windows…

What are the Accounting Formulas of MS Excel?

In MS Excel, calculation is done by applying formula for making and accounting of normal or GST bill, Bill + to do = C5D5 and GST Bill formula is = E1515/100, we have told 15% GST. If you want to withdraw 18% GST, then you can withdraw it after entering =E18*18/100.

When and who created MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel was invented by the Microsoft company in the year 1985. It is a spreadsheet and table software program for performing electronic meta-business calculations created by Microsoft.

Final word

Friends, we have told this post what is MS Excel and how to learn how to run it, you have told about how you can use the tool and formula of MS Excel, how did you like this post, tell us by commenting if you like this If you have any questions and suggestions related to the post, please comment

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